Brilliant Shiny Object Syndrome

One attribute of self-made millionaires is their capability to give attention to one factor slot bonus 100 to 3x for a really lengthy time period.

It might be a dream they’re pursuing for 5 years, ten years or twenty years.


It takes a very long time to achieve the belief of your dream.

Nonetheless, for many non-millionaires, when one thing doesn’t instantly repay or adversity strikes, they transfer on to the following shiny shiny object.

These Brilliant Shiny Object Syndrome chasers by no means expertise success as a result of they lack dedication and persistence.

I noticed Fb posts of two individuals I do know that suffer from Brilliant Shiny Object Syndrome.

They have to be on to their fourth or fifth subsequent large factor.

They have been very captivated with their newest enterprise.

However I do know in a yr or two when their newest enterprise has not but paid dividends, they’ll have misplaced all curiosity and moved on to the following large factor.

Success requires grit, willpower, devotion and a major period of time to beat failures, errors and obstacles.

All of this adversity is nice as a result of it results in development.

Brilliant Shiny Object Syndrome victims by no means develop sufficient to study what to do and what to not do.

They give up and transfer on when the going will get robust or the following shiny shiny object catches their eye.

If you’re struggling in realizing success in your life, let me ask you this: have you ever caught to pursuing success in a single particular factor for greater than 5 years?

If not, that’s in all probability why you aren’t reaching success in life.

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Most people shift their focus to one thing else when issues get laborious.

Unsuccessful individuals perpetually chase the following large factor as a result of the factor they have been beforehand pursuing didn’t instantly repay, was too laborious or was simply taking far longer than they anticipated.

Success takes a very long time.

Those that succeed are relentless.

They commit themselves to one thing and keep it up for a very long time.

How lengthy?

Till they succeed.

They by no means give up on their desires.

Cease chasing each new concept that comes alongside and stick to at least one factor till you obtain success or die attempting.

Persistence is a trademark present in all self-made millionaires.



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